Customizable Embosser

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In Collaboration with Three Designing Women
Please note, embosser gift boxes cannot be shipped internationally.

Embosser Gift Box:
Alexa Pulitzer Embosser® Gift Boxes are created for the customer who wants to give the perfect personalized gift! Custom embossers are approximately 1 ½ inches and are perfect for personalizing envelopes, notes, bookplates, recipe cards, gift tags, gift-wrap, and correspondence.

Gift Set contains metal embossing device and a custom design certificate that is easily redeemable online. Design will ship in 2-3 business days.

Included in order:
1 Desk Embosser & 1 Gift Certificate that can be easily redeemed for a custom embossing plate.

To redeem your certificate code follow the 6 easy steps located inside the bottom of the giftbox!

Embossing Plates are shipped from Three Designing Women. Please allow 2-3 business days from the time of redemption to receive your plate. The embossed impression is approximately 1 ½ inches.

Three Designing Women is the most recognized embosser and rubber stamp brand in the industry, having been featured in national print publications such as O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, inSTYLE, and many more.

Gift Givers: The redemption website address and unique code are printed on the packaging inside the gift box. The recipient will have a blast choosing and personalizing their design. Please remind your gift recipient that they should save the packaging with the unique redemption information.

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