Lion Thinking Card

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Think of these 3 x 5 jotters as “fancy” scrap paper. But in truth, I keep these index-sized cards in my purse and car when I need to jot down a recommendation or drop a note that I have made you a homemade pie, I have something tasteful to write it on. My whimsical illustrations are flat printed with an environmentally friendly, soy-based ink on premium, USA-made, Ecru textured Laid 80# Cover stock paper. All of my Thinking Cards (aka Jotters) are designed and proudly printed in New Orleans.



  • 3” x 5”
  • 20 per pack
  • Round edges
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    My Hunting & Fishing styles harken to fall in the English countryside and summers in the South with elegant scenes of hunting, fishing, birding, riding, and more.

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